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Are we actually going green?

Event only accessible via stairs.
Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2024
13 Mai 19:00-21:00
Tunnel, Florianigasse 39,
1080 Wien
Are we actually making a difference with our science? Is today's science helping or hurting our future? We will try to explain how sustainable the scientific research is and how realistic our “eurekas” are when the conversation comes to planet Earth.

Science or Science fiction: How to make research more sustainable

Jeroen Dobbelaere (Sustainability manager)
Research and academia aspire to be at the forefront of development and society. But are they really pushing society towards a more sustainable way of living? While academia has been essential in providing data and information about climate change, little is being done to make academic research itself fit for the future. How can commitments be translated into action so that students and future researchers are prepared to tackle the challenges ahead? Drawing from my own career trajectory, transitioning from cell biologist to sustainability manager, I will explore the historical context and how different universities are addressing the implementation of climate adaptation.

Science…and you thought YOUR eco-footprint was bad

Logan Hodgskiss (Postdoctoral researcher in Ecogenomics)
There is a lot of cool science being done in the world. From curing cancer with CRISPR to finding new species and visualizing black holes, we seem to be doing it all. As amazing as 21st century science is, are we doing it the best way possible? Beyond the excitement of breakthroughs lies a hidden truth: the environmental cost of our scientific endeavors. Join us as we delve into the ecological footprint of scientific progress and explore the balance of innovation and sustainability.
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