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Brain Beats and Soil Science

Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2023
22 Mai 19:00-21:00
The Golden Harp, Alserbachstraße 37,
1090 Wien
How do birds compose their sweet melodies? Are you curious to know how some plants are more active in the fight against climate change than others? We'll discover how the songbird brain can help us understand our own neural networks and meet some of the crop climate warriors!

Singing & Dancing in the Brain

Sebastián Calderón (PhD student in Computational Neuroscience)
How do we manage to perform sequences of movements like dancing? How do songbirds produce stereotyped sequences of sounds which are the essential components of their songs? Here, I will argue that the processes underlying these seemingly disparate abilities are actually related, and that studying one can shed light on the other. I will present a computational model to understand generation of movements at the cortical neuron level and how songbirds' vocal production can be a suitable scenario to explore and test these neural mechanisms.

Biological Inhibitors, a Natural Solution to Fertilizer Loss

Paula Rojas (PhD Student in Microbiology)
Global food demands for the growing population require the application of tons of nitrogen fertilizer, from which, only half is taken up by crops; the other half is lost, thus contributing to climate change. Recently, it was found that certain crops can produce specific compounds that retain the nitrogen in soil, which in turn, reduce the nitrogen losses. However, it is still unkown how well they work in agricultural systems. Therefore, my thesis focuses on testing the efficacy of these natural compounds under different soil types as well as their effect on microbial communities and plants.
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