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Cryptocurrencies, security and privacy

Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2023
22 Mai Doors 6.30 pm
Event 7 - 9.30 pm
Café Brennpunkt, Viaduktbögen 46 - 48,
6020 Innsbruck
In the last years, we have often heard words like cryptocurrencies, cyber security, privacy, and machine learning. Join us to learn more about the implications of these recent topics and how they can affect our everyday life!

This event is in english.

Crypto-asset owners: what is at stake?

Svetlana Abramova (Assistant Professor Security and Privacy Lab)
Did you hear stories of someone paying for a pint of beer with bitcoins which were worth a fortune later? First appearing in 2009, cryptocurrencies are now commonplace around the world. One may expect crypto-asset owners to be highly vigilant about security of their tokens, yet they remain vulnerable to targeted attacks, scams and losses. This talk will summarise insights from research studies of crypto-asset owners and shed light on their attitudes, risk concerns, security awareness, and experienced harms. We will discuss the common security and privacy pitfalls and how to aviod them.

Does not compute: when computers miscalculate

Alexander Schlögl (Research Assistant at Security and Privacy Lab)
Did you know, that even computers don't calculate exact results? Computers have to round to fit results in memory, just like we would on paper. When adding up lots of numbers, this effect can cause different results depending on the order of summation.
Such a summation happens in machine learning, where large models must calculate with billions of parameters. Our research found that for these models this difference can become so large that it causes different predictions on different computers. In this talk I will explain why and how this happens, and how that can affect us in our daily lives.
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