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Of musical notes, stages of sleep, and promising futures

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Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2022
11 Mai Doors 6.30pm
Event from 7-9pm
Kater Noster, Leopoldstraße 7,
Innsbruck 6020
[EVENT IN ENGLISH] For one night only, you are invited to dive deep into three aspects of brain science that you've probably not given much thought to in the past. We'll explore the link between music and memories and take a tour to the land of Nod where sleep reigns supreme and where sleep disorders are on the rise. We'll also learn about how adult brain health can make children vulnerable, and how an innovative local project is making change happen.

Musical emotions influence what we remember

Dr. Francesca Talamini (University assistant (postdoctoral researcher), Department of Personality Psychology, University of Innsbruck)
Over the years, scientists have researched music from many different angles: evolutionary, cultural, psychological and more. One aspect of music that is particularly intriguing is the way in which it evokes emotions in listeners. Recently, we conducted a study to investigate whether the emotions evoked by music can influence what we remember, with interesting results.

Sleeping with science, a walk through the stages of sleep and the rise of sleeping disorders

Dr. Abubaker Ibrahim (PhD Student, Department of Neurology, Medical University of Innsbruck (International Sleep Disorder Specialist))
Our interest in sleep dates to antiquity, yet the modern scientific study of sleep began with the discovery of the electrical activity in the brain. This led to the concept of sleep as an active state. Further progress was marked by the distinction between rapid eye movements (REM) and non-REM sleep. As the connection of sleep to good health is increasingly appreciated, identifying sleep disorders has become more relevant. The field is evolving as new disorders and treatments are being discovered, and basic science elucidates the complexity of sleep.

Empowering children living with parents who have a mental illness: supporting families in their daily lives

Dr. Jean Paul (Principal Investigator, Village Project, Medical University of Innsbruck)
One in four children live with a parent with a mental illness, and most are unknown to (in)formal services. The researchers in The Village research project wanted to find out if it was possible to make these children more ‘visible’ to potential support networks. We implemented and evaluated screening and support practices in Tyrol, and found that it was possible to increase the visibility of these children through small changes in doctors’ routines.

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