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Pint of Science (English)

This event takes place on the ground floor
Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2023
22 Mai Start: 19h00; End: 22h30
NarrenCastl, Rudolf-Biebl-Straße 22,
5020 Salzburg
Pint of Science is finally coming to Salzburg!
Join us in this first edition for a conversation about our planet earth, the importance of a good sleep and the cookbook for immortality.
In this evening we will hear from Martin Sudmanns explaining how satellite images can be used to manage Earth's resources. Afterwards, Kerstin Hödelmoser will enlighten us about the processes that happen while we are asleep and finally we will end the night with Mark Rinnerthaler giving us some scientific tips on how to slow down cellular aging processes.

Understanding Changes on the Earth with Satellite Images

Martin Sudmanns (Researcher in the area of Geoinformatics)
The Earth’s natural resources are limited but used excessively. In scientific applications, we develop methods to identify and understand the state and changes of our Earth using satellite images. A newly developed analytics system for satellite images helps identify short-term and periodic changes but – more importantly - permanent land cover transitions and resource consumption.

The Sleeping Brain

Kerstin Hödelmoser (Associate Professor in Biological Psychology)
Why do we spend almost a third of our lives asleep and what happens in our brain while we sleep?! In this talk Kerstin will try to answer these questions and explain why we need sleep for an optimal brain functioning regarding cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioural and motor demands, allowing us to realize our full potential over the life course.

A Cookbook for Immortality

Mark Rinnerthaler (Associate Professor in Cell Biology)
With wine, chocolate, cheddar cheese, olive oil and wheat germ, not only a delicious meal can be conjured up, but also the secret for a long and healthy life can be discovered. In stirring together this anti-aging menu, we take a closer look at the cellular basics of aging and give scientifically based tips.
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2023-05-23 Pint of Science (Deutsch) NarrenCastl Rudolf-Biebl-Straße 22, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich
23 Mai

Pint of Science (Deutsch)

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