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Translating humans to 010011001 - but interesting!

This event takes place in the room downstairs. No step-free access.
Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2022
10 Mai 19:00-21:00
The Black Sheep, Kettenbrückengasse 7,
Wien 1050
What is common between a Käsekrainer at 05:00 a.m at a U6 Würstelstand, your gym bro that looks suspiciously great and Star Trek? They all have microbes, injections and data. Let's discuss those three in the everyday life of a scientist. What is bioinformatics and why do we all hate maths?

This event will be held in English.

Chaos in Science!!

Juan Manuel Sacnun (PhD student)
Omics tech has brought chaos to science! Imagine the ability to measure thousands of genes and proteins at the same time! From agroindustry to medical sciences, from bacteria to humans, how can we use this technology to improve our lifestyle? Join our journey to discover the needle in the haystack!

Shit happens…

Robin Hoogenboom (PhD student)
Food for thought, literally! Your food is being processed by thousands of different specialised bacteria in your gut. Some being good, some bad. Join my journey to discover our little friends or foes and how we can use them to change our health and emotions. Shit happens!
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