Moving into 2022, we at Pint of Science Austria decided to launch a platform for our team members and guests to present their science to everyone in the form of blog articles. With this initiative, we hope to introduce you to our fabulous team, their research or topics they are passionate about as well as explore themes currently relevant. But before we dive into all that, let me introduce you to Pint of Science Austria.

As you may already know, Pint of Science is a global society committed to science communication that organizes an annual science festival. The idea behind the festival is to bring scientists and researchers out of the lab and into the city where they would explain their work, answer questions and engage with the community. Pint of Science Austria was founded by Lisa Recnik in 2019. Lisa got to know Pint of Science in England and France and loved it so much that when she came back to Vienna, she couldn’t stop herself from putting a team together and bringing this festival to us. Currently, we have active teams in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck and Krems a.d. Donau. We are a lovely bunch from various backgrounds – culturally, academically and professionally – who have a common goal to communicate science to the public and make it more accessible. Despite Corona trying its best to hinder us, we successfully held our first festival in Austria as an online event in 2021. Scientists across numerous disciplines presented their research and held discussions with a very curious online audience. It was a hit!

Back to the blog, we have a queue of fascinating articles lined up for you and coming up, every fortnight, we would like to welcome you to have a read and a chat with us.

See you soon!

Anju x