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Cyclones, Students and Other Global Phenomena

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Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2023
23 Mai 19:00-21:00
Polkadot, Albertgasse 12,
1080 Wien
Discover the fascinating connection between tropical cyclones and global warming, and learn about the impact on our planet. Then, explore the surprising link between happiness and academic performance, and find out how keeping students happy can lead to better learning outcomes.

Tropical Cyclones in a Warming Climate

Caroline Muller (Professor in Climate Science)
Tropical cyclones are among the most spectacular atmospheric phenomena on our planet. In this talk, we will briefly review their climatology and physics. We will then discuss associated risks, and how global warming is expected to impact tropical cyclones in the coming decades. Finally, we will end with some open questions and ongoing research activities.

The Happy Secret to Smarter Students: Electrify 'Em!

Eman Sharaf (Doktorandin der Physikdidaktik)
"A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, it turns out that one picture can be just as boring as a thousand words when it comes to school lessons. But scientists have discovered something interesting - happy students learn better than unhappy ones. They even count the amount of happiness by electrocuting them (Science!). Let me tell you what exactly we learned from electrocuting kids.
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