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On the Optimization of Biological and Electrical Motors

Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2024
14 Mai 19:00-21:00
Ducks Coffee Shop, Raubergasse 14,
8010 Graz
Join us as our speakers will talk about how to make motors more efficient. Simon will talk about biological motors called enzymes and how to shield them, while Alessio will explain us how electrical motors work and how to optimize their shape.

Shape optimization of electric motors

Alessio Cesarano (PhD student at RICAM in Linz)
The talk will be about the optimization of electric motors. It will focus on the design optimization of the machines from a geometrical point of view. In addition, some insight will be given on how to simulate different physical phenomena at the same time and how to include that in the optimization process, in order to have more accurate and realistic results.

Microscopic Marvels - Enzyme Encapsulation

Simon Renner (PhD student at the Graz University of Technology)
Imagine microscopic bio-factories, so-called enzymes. Enzyme encapsulation shields these tiny factories in a protective crystal shell keeping them potent, even if you swallow or sniff them. How it works, what's the shield, and how it delivers medicine - that's the exciting science we'll be exploring together!
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