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Evolution of Stars and Galaxies

Vergangene Veranstaltung - 2022
10 Mai Doors 6.30 PM
Event 7-9 PM
Wohnzimmer, Fürstenweg 5,
6020 Innsbruck
[EVENT IN ENGLISH] Have you ever looked at the Milky Way and wondered how such a beautiful object and all the billions of stars it contains could be formed? This is exactly what our speakers will talk about!

Unlocking the Secrets of Galaxies

Assoc. Prof. Francine Marleau (Galaxy formation and evolution research group, Universität Innsbruck)
Galaxies surrounding us in the nearby Universe exhibit diversity morphologies, luminosity, color and mass. There are galaxies one hundred times brighter than our Milky Way, and others hundreds to hundred thousands times fainter. They display a various shapes - spheroidal, disk-like, or no regular structure -, and their stellar dynamics ranges from random motion to ordered rotation. Why do galaxies exhibit such a variety? Our quest is to go back in time and reconstruct physical mechanisms that led to present-day galaxies and to explain the properties of their matter and the Universe as a whole.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Early Stellar Evolution with Stellar Pulsations

Thomas Steindl, MSc (Doctoral student in Stellar Evolution and Asteroseismology, Universität Innsbruck)
While the early Greeks thought stars to be non-changing objects that only travel in space, we now understand that stars form in the collapse of molecular clouds before undergoing many different stages of evolution. One of the most important methods to further understand stars is asteroseismology - the study of stellar oscillations. In this talk, I will give an introduction into pulsating stars, the earliest phases of stellar evolution, and how we can combine numerical methods with data from space telescopes to pierce deep into the stellar interiors.
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